The right message, the right medium, the right moment.

Mass Communication frustrating you?

Wish you could just communicate without having to understand complex systems?

Have you ever wondered how to reach your targeted clients in a cost effective manner to increase revenues and your bottom line?


A suite of products to help you with your mass communications. From targeted email that actually will show up in your clients email box to autodialing to instant messaging to merging into a hardcopy mailer smartCommunicator™ is the one program you need to connect you to your audience.

Our high performance broadcast e-mailer, smartMailer allows our customers to efficiently and effectively communicate in seconds with their clients and customers utilizing e-mail. At a fraction of the cost of traditional communications, smartMailer can send millions of e-mails per hour. No spam or blacklisting - period.
The unique hub where you are constantly escalating the quality of your data through interaction with the varying modules of smartCommunicator placing you one step ahead of the marketplace.
Robust reporting that links activity and results is viewable from an easy to read dashboard with both viewer summary and detailed reporting. With smartReports you will always know how much of your message is being seen, clicked on, and forwarded to others.
If your message is needed to be heard, smartDialer is the tool you need! Our clients have been able to use smartDialer to connect with their audience quickly and cost effectively. If you are looking for a product that can get your message heard, look no further.